5 Practical and affordable ways to show your employees appreciation.

No Cost or Low-cost Ways to Show Your Appreciation of Your Employees.

Below are five ways you can engage and show appreciation for your employees that are either low or no cost but are powerful.

According to a survey undertaken by Bupa, nearly half of UK employees admit to not going above or beyond in their work. Forty-six per cent stated that they would not be acknowledged or rewarded if they did.
The survey suggests that only 1 in 10 employees are working to their full potential. Demotivated and disengaged staff can seriously hold back your business and impact your growth plans.

How can you engage your employees and help keep them motivated? Retention of staff is paramount, building knowledge and skills within your teams helps in customer satisfaction.

1) Just Say “Thank You”

It’s simple but highly effective. One good leader developed the thank you further; they often explained what completing a task meant to them. Bringing your motivations and feelings into showing your gratitude makes things more personal and powerful.

2) Handwritten note

Often we use email to pass a thank you on; however, email can be very impersonal. A handwritten note expressing your thanks and gratitude makes things personal.

3) Making the tea

OK, if you’re from the USA, then coffee is acceptable too. Making the team a drink and even providing something nice to eat can show you’re appreciation and is a good way of saying thanks at the end of a project or hard team effort.

4) Catching Up Outside of Work

When I was a senior manager at a medical device company, the management team would go out for a curry once a month. It provided an opportunity to get to know one another and helped build a stronger working relationship. Years later we still meet up, even though many of us have moved on work wise. Even Covid hasn’t stopped up us and, thanks to Zoom, we still stay in touch.

5) The Fish and Chip van

After the yearly stock take, with many employees coming on a Saturday to take part we would say thank you by providing pizza. However, many employees weren’t that keen the dough-based delights of the Naples snack.

We started to bring in a Fish and Chip van instead; this went down better as it served to subconscious points. Firstly it was food that appealed to all, and the uptake was high. Secondly, the perception was that the company had spent a reasonable amount on the thank you. Later we brought in ice cream vans in the summer and burger vans for a change.


In the current climate, it is important for us to ensure we engage with our employees. More engaged staff will be better placed to deal with the reality of the post-pandemic world—a world where we will be asking for and expecting more of our employees.

Job losses mean we will need to do more with less, increase our efficiencies and build stronger teams. Saying thank you is just a straightforward way to to show your employees that you appreciate them.

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